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Varisol Evacuated Tube Collector


Varisol evacuated tube collector

World leading Thermomax evacuated tubes and a new click-fit design, combines to make the world’s first modular solar thermal collector. Varisol technology provides a modern and adaptable alternative to traditional rigid manifold systems. Its precise sizing and modular flexibility means it can be sized to the exact requirements of the end user, so they only use and pay for what is needed for ultimate results. It is completely expandable so customers can grow their solar systems as their needs change.

Varisol evacuated tube collectors utilize the direct flow system which is recommended especially for industrial and commercial use. This versatile product can be installed on facades or flat roofs both horizontally and vertically.


  • Cost-effective choice
  • Highly variable installation methods
  • Flexible building integration
  • Heat transfer fluid is circulated in a coaxial movement
  • Simple and easy to install due to 'plug and play' design
20 Year Warranty

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