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Solar Energy

Solar heating is the natural way to reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint. It doesn't have to cost the earth.

Solar Energy for a Brighter Future

Solar energy is free, clean and safe. It produces no carbon emissions, one of the major contributors to global warming. Using solar energy enables you to reduce your carbon footprint as well as your energy bills. Tax credit and grants are available through many Government initiatives. Solar thermal technology is a perfect investment in today's economic and financial climate. Reliance on traditional fossil fuels is no longer a viable option. Limited resources, fluctuating prices along with the impact on today's environment means a shift towards renewable technology is inevitable and key to survival.

The sun radiates enormous amounts of energy to the earth.

In North America, the value of solar radiation received varies according to location. From the coastal regions to the mountains and the southern plains, our systems collect up to 80% of the available solar energy.

Solar Energy Contribution

The table below shows the typical annual percentage of hot water achieved using 34.3ft2 solar collectors, based in a coastal climate.

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