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Texas A&M University

Mike Shellito Swimming Pool
Location Kingsville, TX
Application Domestic hot water for the halls of residence
Client Texas A&M University
Product 66 Thermomax Heat Pipe collectors

The Mesquite Village West Residence Hall is a completely new 98,000 ft2 building, serving as home to the University’s new Honors College and providing housing for approximately 300 students in suite-style apartments. The state-of-the-art solar water heating installation is the first of its kind on the Texas A&M Kingsville campus and provides practical, meaningful results to its residents and to the campus community.

Commissioned in July of 2011, the system uses 66 evacuated tube solar thermal collectors to generate domestic hot water for the four-story facility. The solar collectors are installed in three separate arrays on the south-facing and west-facing roof tops and will generate enough hot water to drastically reduce the building’s energy expenses.

At the time of commissioning, the Kingsville campus solar water heating installation was one of the largest evacuated tube solar thermal systems in Texas.

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