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Shouldice Hospital

Shouldice Hospital
Location Toronto, ON, Canada
Application Solar cooling, domestic hot water and heating
Client Shouldice Hospital
Installer Glenbarra Energy Management Corporation
Product 131 Thermomax Heat Pipe collectors

Shouldice Hospital in Toronto, Ontario has installed one of the premier solar thermal systems in the world. The system provides heating, cooling and domestic hot water for use in the hospital in one system. Kingspan Thermomax Heat Pipe collectors were selected for this system due to their superior performance at the high temperatures required. The hot water collected is pumped to either the cooling system, the domestic hot water tanks or the building’s heating system. A chiller is used to convert the hot water into cool air. For the chiller to operate at peak efficiency, the temperature of the fluid from the collectors must be up to 200°F. This is simply too high for most other solar thermal collectors to reach efficiently.

Kingspan Service

Providing an all round, single-source solar solution, Kingspan Solar worked closely with the client to design and supply a tailored system that was integrated and installed seamlessly into Shouldice’s existing heating and cooling system.

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Shouldice Hospital

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