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George Washington University

George Washington University
Location Washington, DC
Application Pre-heating hot water for two large dorms
Client George Washington University
Installer Skyline Innovations
Product 90 Thermomax Heat Pipe collectors

This is a flagship installation, one of the largest in the country, in the heart of DC on one of the most prestigious colleges in the whole of the US. GWU received the system for no upfront or capital cost, and will continue to receive solar hot water from Skyline at a rate that is a fixed percentage lower than their Washington Gas utility rate, meaning their savings are guaranteed and they achieve project payback on day one.

“We are excited to bring solar thermal systems to GWU’s residence halls and have the largest solar thermal system in D.C. These systems will help us explore how to expand future use of this technology.” Alicia O’Neil, Senior Associate Vice President of Operations, GWU.

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