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Convent of the Holy Spirit

Location Northfield, IL
Application Domestic hot water
Client Convent of the Holy Spirit
Product 14 Thermomax Heat Pipe collectors 6 Kingspan Tribune tanks
Saving 2,124 therms of natural gas per annum

Convent of the Holy Spirit was founded in 1901 and provides spiritual care to the Sisters and supports many ministries. In line with the philosophy the convent decided to install a Kingspan Solar hot water system.

A high efficiency system, featuring 320 Thermomax Heat Pipe collectors and 6 Kingspan Tribune tanks with a capacity of 119 gallons each, has been installed to reduce energy costs of the convent. The system has been specifically designed to maximize the harnessing of the sun's energy in both summer and winter.

A grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation of $96,000 helped to reduce the payback period significantly.

"The system has worked exceptionally from the first day and provides 50% of our hot water for showers, the kitchen and cleaning."
Mark Kelly, Project Manager.

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